Woman Lies About Being Raped To Conceal Extramarital Affair

Gina Louise Causey, 40, became pregnant as a result of an extramarital affair, but she allegedly tried to hide her infidelity by claiming she was raped. 

Causey went to the Mandeville Police Station in Mandeville, Louisiana, with her husband on March 25. She claimed she was raped in December 2014 at gunpoint in broad daylight and accused a law enforcement officer.

Mandeville Police Cpl. Kevin Covert said her tale was "like something straight out of Hollywood.” Causey, a Abita Springs resident, said the officer abducted her and then raped her at a nearby residence. He then allegedly took a photo of her driver’s licenses, put it in a box "with several other women's driver's licenses” and said he wouldn’t be caught due to his position on the police force.

Covert said Causey’s timeline and location fell under suspicion and, when confronted with the inconsistencies, Causey admitted she made up the story to conceal the origin of her pregnancy. 

Causey has been charged with criminal mischief.

Source: The Times‑Picayune

Image via The Times‑Picayune


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