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Woman Licks Ice Cream Before Returning It To Store Freezer (Video)

A woman has been caught on video eating part of an ice cream before returning it to the store freezer.

The video, posted below via YouTube, was captured at a market and shared online.

In the video, a woman approaches a freezer case, opens the door, and looks at the contents for a few seconds.

She then removes an ice cream package and walks a few feet from the freezer. Before opening the lid, the woman looks around to see if anyone is watching — obviously neglecting to consider whether a security camera was located in the store.

The woman then licks the ice cream twice and reseals the package.

She wipes her mouth, walks back to the freezer case, and puts the ice cream back inside.

Mirror reports the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Source: Mirror, YouTube / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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