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Resident Shoots Pit Bull After It Intrudes (Video)

Resident Shoots Pit Bull After It Intrudes (Video) Promo Image

Videos of a woman sobbing over her dead pit bull after it was shot by a neighbor have gone viral on YouTube (video below).

The first video is titled, "My dad killed a pitbull with his glock. Please like plus subscribe," the Daily Mail reported. The second one reads, "Part two of my dad killing a pit bull."

The video appears to have been recorded by the son of the man who shot the dog. A woman is seen crying, saying, "That is my baby! That is my baby!" as a man tries to restrain her.

A male voice is heard saying, "I had to, he came in the house, he came after me, I'm sorry."

The woman says the dog approached the man's home "with his tail wagging."

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"He's still alive, dad!" the woman shouts to one of the other men, who is seen apologizing.

"The dog came at me," explains the neighbor, who also apologizes.

"It came to my house and I am very afraid of dogs," another woman is heard saying.

The dog owner continues to cry over the pit bull, whose name appears to be Zeus. She then promises to "destroy everything [the man in the house] loves."

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The other resident is heard telling the woman that they also have a dog, and that Zeus had tried to attack it.

In the second video, the woman is heard screaming, "This ain't going down like that, it ain't." She admits the dog must have gotten loose while she was at work.

The dog owner eventually walks away as police say they are on their way to the home. It is unclear where the video was shot.

The videos were uploaded to YouTube in 2016. It is not clear why they have just now gone viral. Opinions about the incident were mixed among social media users.

"Wouldn't it have been quicker to close the door than search for a gun to shoot the dog?" asked one YouTube user. "I'm interested to know just how many people were injured to warrant such an extreme act?"

"Humans first dogs second," wrote another. "I would have protected my family."

"Its really sad... but she didn't have her dog under control," another commenter wrote. "Needs to be in her own back yard or on a leash. Period! (Too) many times I have read, but he/she has never attacked anyone before."

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Sources: Daily Mail, Geoffre Brake/YouTube / Featured Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr / Embedded Images: YouTube via Daily Mail

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