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Woman Left Revealing Suicide Note Before Shooting Her Infant Grandchildren And Turning Gun On Herself

A recent report discovered that a Connecticut woman who shot and killed her grandchildren before turning the gun on herself left a disturbing suicide note in which she told her daughter that she doesn’t deserve children.

Debra Denison, 47, picked up her 2-year-old grandson Alton and six-month-old grandson Ashton from daycare in February of last year, and instead of bringing the two young children to a birthday party, she drove them to the lake where the bodies of all three were eventually found. Now, the Associated Press is reporting that they’ve obtained the police report that outlines a suicide note left for Denison’s daughter Brenda Perry and her husband Jeremy Perry.

"The note stated among other things that Brenda and Jeremy did not deserve to have the children and Debra wanted them to feel the loss of a child," wrote Detective Lamoureux in the report.

According to reports, Denison struggled with mental health issues for years and had attempted suicide multiple times over the course of two decades. Denison reportedly suffered from dissociative identity disorder and had many issues over the years. Perry says that her mother was given the authority to pick up the children at daycare, but only if either she or Jeremy were with her. On that February day, however, Denison arrived to the daycare alone, and was able to take the children to the lake to die.

Reports also claim that Denison was upset by a letter she received from her son Christopher Allen just a week prior to the brutal murder-suicide. Allen is currently serving 32 years in prison for a drug-related murder, and during initial police investigations, Allen said that the letter revealed how he really felt about his mother.


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