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Woman Looks Like 'Alien' After Use Of Dermal Fillers (Photos)

Botched dermal fillers reportedly caused a Florida woman to go blind in one eye and become facially disfigured and swollen like "an alien."

Carol Bryan, 54, got cosmetic fillers in 2009, but because they were injected into a part of her face they shouldn't have been, the skin of her forehead swelled to the point where she had to tape open her eyes to see.

Surgery she undertook to correct the problem worsened the problem and left her so "grossly disfigured," she shut herself inside her home for more than three years and thought of committing suicide, The Daily Mail reports.

The first surgery she undertook to de-bulk her forehead affected her optic nerve and led to permanent blindness in her right eye.

In the end, Bryan's daughter and sister sought out medical help. Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Reza Jarrahy from UCLA agreed to take on her case and repaired much of the damage.

Bryan appeared on the show "The Doctors" to talk about her experience.

"When I was in my 20s and 30s people took notice of me. I was attractive. I felt confident," she said.

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"I started doing Botox in my 30s for the vertical lines between my eyes. It was amazing. It took years off my face.

"There came a point in time where I felt I was losing some volume. I went for a consultation. I was persuaded to have fillers."

Silicone was one of the two fillers injected into her face, mixed in the same syringe. Silicone is not recommended for such use, as it's permanent and very hard to remove if it migrates to other areas of the skin.

"Three months after the procedure, I was terrified of what I looked like," Bryan said, according to The Independent.

"My face began to swell and contract to the point where, not only did I have to hide from my family and friends, I actually hid from myself, never looking in the mirror," she continued.

"I felt like I had the head of an alien, my forehead so heavy that it fell and covered my eyes so that I could not see unless I taped or held up my forehead."

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"I felt like a monster. I wore hats and scarves and sunglasses all the time, hoping I would someday finally be able to look in the mirror again and recognize myself," she said.

Corrective surgery repaired a lot of the damage by removing fat from Bryan's back and grafting it onto her face to reconstruct her forehead.

"I'm extremely thankful for Dr. Jaharry, who was the only doc in the country who would take my case as it was unprecedented -- very high risk, unknown risk," she said.

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"I want to make sure this didn't happen to me in vain. I will work tirelessly not to let this happen to anyone again."

Bryan now campaigns with the organization Face2Face, appealing for tougher regulation of the cosmetic industry.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Independent / Photo credit: Ewa Urban/Pixabay, "The Doctors" via The Daily Mail

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