Woman Lectures San Diego Cops On Handcuffed Homeless Person (Video)

Facebook user Mae League filmed and lectured two San Diego police officers who had a homeless woman awkwardly handcuffed on Oct. 20 (video below).

The Free Thought Project notes that the homeless woman is handcuffed and an officer is holding her arms up in the air while she sits compliantly on the pavement.

While there isn't any outright police brutality in the video, the situation appeared to be very uncomfortable to Mae, who cursed at the police and told them:

But what I am saying is look at the position that she’s in. You have her in handcuffs. You have her in handcuffs already. You have her in handcuffs already.

There’s no reason for you to be twisting her arms up like this. There’s no reason for you to be twisting her arms up like this.

She’s in a half-split. She’s in a half-split and you have her arms behind her back like that, and that’s alright? That’s alright? That’s alright? Are you sure that's alright? Would you like somebody to do you like that? No, it’s not okay!

League wrote on her Facebook page: "This Is A Woman That Lives Out In Nature All Of Her Belongings Are To The Left On The Sidewalk. The Police Station Is Behind Mae. I Was Driving By and Busted A UTurn."

The San Diego Police Department has not issued a statement.


Sources: Facebook, The Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: Mae League/Facebook Screenshot


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