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Woman Leaves 4 Children Alone At Home For A Night Out With Her Friend, Comes Home To This (Photos)

A Scottish woman was shocked to discover her home had been destroyed by a group of teens while she was away for the night.

Karen McGuinness said she left for a night out of town with a friend, thinking her four children would be out of the house as well. What she didn’t know was that her 15-year-old daughter sneaked back into the house with a few friends just after she left.

Although they only planned to listen to music, things got out of hand when the McGuinness’ daughter’s friends posted on Facebook about going to an “empty” — even giving out the address near Glasgow, Scotland. Soon, up to 50 teens arrived at the home and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

When McGuinness rushed home after a neighbor told her of activity in the home, she was horrified by what she found.

“They totally trashed my house. Every part of my home is ruined. What kind of kids are out there doing this?” she said. 

“They pulled my son’s TV off his wall and put their boot through it and threw his Xbox out of his bedroom window. My bedroom door, which was locked, was booted off its hinges. It will have to be replaced. The banister in the hall was ruined, the staircase was damaged and some of the walls have cracks in them. I have no idea how they were caused. The decking in the back garden was smashed to pieces too.”

McGuinness said all of the cabinets in her kitchen, as well as the fridge, had been emptied and all of the food had been taken.

“Flour, sugar and pasta were all over the place. Eggs were splattered throughout the house,” she said. 

“All my curtains are ruined, I had to throw out all my cushions as they were covered in who know’s what, and liquids were poured over my bedding. The bathroom was covered in shampoo, shower gel and toilet paper, and toothpaste was everywhere.”

McGuinness, who works for a school for children with special needs, said her insurance refused to pay for any of the damage because some of the kids who invaded her home were technically invited.

“I don’t have the money to replace everything just now,” she said.

“I’m strong. I’ll recover and be able to move on, but it makes me feel very vulnerable in my own home. This is a nice area. I’ve lived here 20 years and you’d never think in a million years that this could happen. I can’t understand what type of families these children come from.


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