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Snake Bites Tourist's Face At Animal Park In Thailand (Video)


A video has been leaked on YouTube of the terrifying moment a tourist was bitten on the face by a snake after she tried to kiss it on the head at a Thailand animal park.

The horrifying footage (below) was filmed on the island of Phuket, and it shows the python latch onto Chinese woman Jin Jing's face as the snake handler looks on in horror.

The incident happened on Jan. 9 at an unidentified “animal park” situated next to the Phuket zoo in Chalong, according to Daily Mail.

Jing was taken to Phuket International Hospital and received treatment for minor cuts and bruising to her nose. Fortunately the python was non-venomous.

She was released from the hospital soon after receiving stitches. Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers have cautioned tourists of the risks of attending “cowboy” animal parks in Thailand.

Edwin Wiek, one of Thailand's most vocal wildlife preservationists, said cruelty is prevalent in Thailand’s animal entertainment industry.

"It's very acceptable for most people on Facebook or Twitter to have a selfie with a tiger or with a gibbon on the beach," Wiek told Al Jazeera. "People make these photographs without actually [realizing] what's really going on.

" ... The money being made in this business is so large. There's still a lot of animals being taken out of the wild for these performances, and animals are being tortured on quite a big scale."

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube, Al Jazeera / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot via Daily Mail

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