Here's Why You Shouldn't Use A Shopping Bag To Dye Your Hair (Photos)


One U.K. woman learned the hard way why you should be extra careful about what you use to dye your hair.

After Rebecca Richardson dyed her hair blonde, she used a plastic shopping bag to cover her head while the dye set in, reported. She had no clue that she had just made a big mistake until it was time to remove the bag.

When Richardson took the bag off of her head, she reportedly realized that the ASDA grocery store logo printed on the shopping bag peeled off the bag and transferred to her head.

Here is a picture of Rebecca Richardson's hair, as posted on Facebook by her brother, Craig Richardson, on Nov. 30:

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As the picture of Rebecca’s mistake spread around the internet, ASDA got word about her mishap, according to IJReview. The supermarket responded by sending her a kit to fix her hair, which included a hat and a towel to use rather than one of their bags.

Here is a picture of the note ASDA included with their package:

It's safe to say that Rebecca won’t be using shopping bags to dye her hair anymore.

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