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Opinion Divided Over Newly Created Black Dot Campaign To Help Domestic Abuse Victims

A woman has set up a campaign to help victims of domestic violence get the help they require.

“This is a campaign to help the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence,” the group’s Facebook page reads, according to the Huffington Post. “They simply draw a black dot on their hands and agencies, family, friends, community centers, doctors, hospitals can recognize this person needs help but can not ask for it.”

The woman who started the initiative suffered domestic abuse and said she wished to remain anonymous, the Huffington Post reported. She explained that she wanted to do something “as so many people suffer in silence because they cannot ask for help.”

“I felt so alone with nobody to talk to,” Danielle Tredgett, a survivor of domestic violence, wrote on the Facebook page. “Luckily I escaped but not many people do.”

However, some concern has been raised about the campaign’s safety.

“How does this help? Won't the perpetrators of domestic violence also know what the black dot means - so if they see their victim with this on their hand won't that potentially make the situation worse?” argued Zoe Hammond, another poster on the Facebook page.

“If a perpetrator becomes aware of what the black dot means, the consequences could be very dangerous,” Polly Neate, Chief Executive of the U.K.-based charity Women’s Aid, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

“That's why we continue to invent new ways to help,” the campaign’s founder said, in response to the criticism. “The black dot is not the only way to access help but it could be the one that could help a particular person. Each domestic abuse case is completely different, each perpetrator behaves differently, with one thing in common: CONTROL.”

A woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds in the United States, according to IJReview. Over 10 million men and women are physically abused by an intimate partner annually.

“People are talking about domestic abuse, they are sharing my posts and opening up the world’s eyes to this issue,” the black dot campaign’s founder told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

Sources: Huffington Post, IJReview

Photo credit: Black Dot Campaign/Facebook


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