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79-Year-Old Woman Doreen Landstra Kills Three People While Backing Out Of Church Parking Lot

A tragic accident in a Florida church parking lot left three senior citizens dead.

79-year-old Doreen Landstra was backing out of a parking spot at her church in East Bradenton, Florida when she lost control of her large Chevrolet SUV. Witnesses say it appeared she forgot to put the car in drive after backing out of her spot. With the car in reverse, she drove right into a group of friends socializing in the parking lot.

"She was just backing out, made a turn coming this way, and then she was going to go ahead and go out and I guess she didn't put it in forward - in drive - and she stepped on the gas and she went the same way," said witness Jan Verstveg.

Landstra ran over three people before driving her car into a nearby ditch. Four other people suffered serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital.

After the accident, Landstra got out of her car and told witnesses that “somehow the pedal got stuck” and that “it was all a terrible accident.”

Landstra’s husband was with her in the car during the accident. Neither of them were injured.

Investigators arrived at the scene and interviewed Landstra for a few moments before letting her leave. Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Gregory Bueno told CNN affiliate Bay News 9 that the investigation is ongoing and charges are pending. 

Sources: Bay News 9, My Fox 8

Photo credit: Bay News 9


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