Woman Killed Hit Man With Her Bare Hands (Video)

Eight years ago, one woman was confronted by a hit man who had been hired by her husband to murder her. She killed the hit man with her bare hands. Now, on the heels of her husband's release from prison, she is encouraging others who find themselves in similar situations to fight for their lives.

Susan Walters of Portland, Ore, was known as Susan Kuhnhausen back in 2006 when her then-husband, Michael Kuhnhausen, sent a hit man to murder her. Susan bravely fought back and wound up killing the hit man with her bare hands.

"His last words on this earth were 'you're strong,'" recalled Susan Walters to KPTV.

Walters says when she came home from her shift as an ER nurse one night, she found the man, Edward Haffey, waiting inside her home.

"Not having any clue why he was in my home, I knew, I could feel his intent to kill me," said Walters.

For 14 minutes, Walters put up an incredible fight against Haffey. She grabbed a hammer and used the back end of it to fight him off. At one point, she offered to call an ambulance if he relented, but he continued to fight back, so Walters had no choice but to kill him.

"I got the hammer and started hitting him with the hammer several times,” recalled Walters in 2006. “My father, the carpenter, always taught me a hammer could be used for self defense — the claw end would work the best.”

It was eventually uncovered that Michael Kuhnhausen had paid Haffey $50,000 to murder Walters. Kuhnhausen was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2007, but now, only eight years after the ordeal, the man who tried so desperately to kill his wife may walk out of jail a free man in just a few months. Walters says that although she is frightened by the idea of her former husband getting out of prison, she is ready to fight back if need be.

"Although I've forgiven my ex-husband for what he became, and what he did to me and all those who he loved, I cannot forget what he's capable of," said Walters, while offering advice to others in similar situations. "If you feel like, 'wow I don't feel like I can do that.' You can. You're stronger than you know.”

Walters is reportedly planning to approach the parole board to ensure that should he be released this year, she will remain protected.


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