Woman Kills Herself Because She Was 29 Years Old And Still Unmarried


A young U.K. woman about to turn 30 years old committed suicide because she didn’t want to be unmarried and without children by the age of 30.

According to reports, 29-year-old Rachel Gow became concerned as she approached her 30th birthday that others in her family were “doing better than her.” After beginning to fear that her boyfriend, 30-year-old Anton Tsvarev, would leave her, Gow sent him a text that wished him “all the best for the future,” and then took her own life. Tsvarev discovered Gow at her home and attempted to revive her several times to no avail.

Gow’s brother, Stephen Best, and sister, Sarah Davidson, released a statement during an inquest following her death.

“Rachel had been a happy child who had lots of friends, she loved to dance and play the violin,” the statement read, according to the Mirror. “She was very close to her sister Sarah. She was very academic and following A levels she studied at Lancaster University. She also made people laugh. She was proud to be at Lancaster and also a dizzy blonde. She had three breakups before her relationship with Anton. Her greatest wish was to settle down and get married.”

Gow’s problems began a number of years ago, following the death of her mother in 2011. Although reportedly Gow took the her mother's death “very hard,” friends later said they thought she had been improving.

“Following the death of her mother Rachel had a period of independence. She met Anton and they were both extremely happy. He moved in. They had lots in common,” Best’s statement read. “She did have three breakups before her relationship with Anton and her greatest wish was to settle down, start a relationship and get married. But she could not overcome her previous sadness and felt Anton would leave her. She was looking forward to turning 30, planning trips to Italy with Anton and going to go to Vegas for her birthday, she was saving money every month. But the relationship became unstable and they tried to make it work.”

Tsvarev said that Gow had been struggling with several significant events, including the anniversary of her mother’s death and she and Tsvarev’s approaching birthdays – all of which she had a difficult time coping with.

“There had been nothing significant at the time except the anniversary of her mother’s death also along with her 30th birthday and mine," he said. "These were all things that troubled her. She felt she was not where she should be in life. This was something she struggled with. Rachel had spoken to me about the fact she had researched suicide techniques. I was not sure how serious she was about it because she always said things in the heat of the moment.”

Gow, according to an autopsy, died from hypoxia.

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Cavendish via mirror.co.uk


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