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Woman Kills Fiance On Kayak, Blames His Sex Demands

Woman Kills Fiance On Kayak, Blames His Sex Demands Promo Image

A Latvian woman who admitted to pulling the plug on her fiance's kayak alleges she did it because she was tired of his sexual demands.

Angelika Graswald and her husband-to-be Vincent Viafore went kayaking on the Hudson River on April 19, 2015. Graswald called 911 around 7:30 p.m., panicking because her fiance "fell into the river."

"He's getting further and further away from me," she screamed over the phone, according to Daily Mirror. "He's gonna drown."

Graswald was rescued and treated for hypothermia, but Viafore, then 46, was nowhere in sight. His kayak was found the following day.

Viafore's body wasn't found until May 23, 2015, when a fisherman spotted him a mile from Bannerman's Island. By then, Graswald was already in jail for his death.

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Police grew increasingly suspicious of Graswald after they discovered two less-than-sympathetic posts of hers on social media. She did cartwheels in one post, and in the other, she took a photo of herself in a kayak.

"If only I could have paddled harder, dammit," she captioned it.

During an 11-hour interrogation, Graswald said that the waters became choppy shortly after they'd set out, but Viafore responded by saying that it would be "the adventure of a lifetime."

Graswald admitted she'd ended up with both paddles, preventing her fiance from helping himself. Most importantly, she said she'd removed the kayak's plug a few months prior.

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She admitted to having problems with Viafore. According to ABC News, she said he'd beg for threesomes and constantly demand sex. Though the threesome never occurred, the requests took a toll on Graswald.

"I wanted him dead and now he's gone and I'm OK with it," Graswald told police.

Daily Mail reported that Graswald also could have gained $250,000 from Viafore's two insurance policies.

Graswald was arrested on a second-degree murder charge on April 30, 2015, one day after the interrogation, ABC News reported. She was held in an Orange County, California jail. On July 24, 2017, she admitted to negligent homicide.

Daily Mail reported that she was sentenced to 16 months to four years in prison on Nov. 8, 2017, but got out after just six weeks due to the two and a half years she'd previously spent in jail.

Graswald will now spend 16 months in a women's halfway home. After her release, she may be deported back to Latvia. Graswald said she loved her husband and that she has been treated unfairly.

Viafore's family, meanwhile, believes her sentence is much too short. 

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