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Woman Kills "Devil Dog" After it Eats Her Bible

A South Carolina woman reportedly admits she killed her nephew's pit bull, but only because God urged her to do it after the dog ate her Bible.

It seems the dog took a bite out of 65-year-old Miriam Fowler Smith's Bible. Then she claims God told her to kill the one-year-old pit bull because it was a "devil dog" and would hurt neighborhood children.

Police say Smith confessed to wrapping an extension cord around the dog's neck, hanging it from a tree and setting it on fire. Police found the dog's body under a pile of dried grass in her backyard.

Smith was arrested on Sunday and charged with felony animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison.

Smith's nephew, Andy Fowler, left home on January 9th, and when he returned home six days later his dog was gone. Police say Fowler confronted his aunt, and she told him what happened.

Jaime Nelson, director of the county's Environmental Enforcement Department, said Smith's mental state could affect her ultimate punishment. He was shocked by her detached attitude as she told her story.

"She just acted like what's done has been done," Nelson said.


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