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Woman Killed Healthy Dog Because She Didn't Want Anyone Else To Own Him

Humans love owning pets. But life gets in the way sometimes and, sadly, we have to give our furry friends up to someone who can take better care of them. Though it’s tough, it’s the right thing to do.

Florida woman Shelley Bezanson isn’t concerned about doing the right thing.

Bezanson, 28, lives in an apartment in Osprey, Florida. Her landlord recently told her that dogs were prohibited in her apartment and that she would be evicted if she didn’t get rid of Diamond, her pit bull mix.

Rather than give Diamond to a local rescue shelter that would find him a new home, Bezanson took him to a vet and asked the vet to euthanize him. The vet refused, but Bezanson protested.

She told the vet her dog was old and unhealthy. The vet shot down this claim and said Diamond was a healthy, happy dog. He refused to euthanize Diamond and told Bezanson to donate him to a shelter if she could no longer care for him.

Bezanson wasn’t having any of it. Instead of giving away her dog, she killed him. She told police she turned up the music in her apartment so neighbors wouldn’t be able to hear Diamond’s screams and then strangled him with his own leash. A necropsy suggested Diamond likely died a prolonged and painful death.

When asked why she wouldn’t give him up, Bezanson told police she couldn’t stand the thought of someone else owning him.

"I promised Diamond we would be together until the end," she allegedly told police. "And this was the end."

Bezanson’s act has landed her in jail. She was arrested last Friday and is being held on $25,000 bond.

Bezanson also owns a cat and a domesticated rat. One of the worst parts about this story is that she told police she plans to get another dog one day. For the sake of the poor future pup who could land in her custody, let’s hope this isn’t allowed to happen.

Sources: Mail Online, Herald Tribune


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