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Woman Kidnapped By Her Great-Grandson Speaks Out

Hazel Abel, 86, is back in her Kennewick, Washington, home after her great-grandson and two friends allegedly kidnapped her on Nov. 2 with the intent of killing her and burning her body in the trunk of her own car.

"I'm extremely tired,” Abel told KPTV. "I'm confused. I don't know what else to say."

On the night she was kidnapped, Abel says she was accosted in her home.

"I opened the door, and they threw dirt from the flower bed right in my face,” she said, adding that someone then grabbed her and she fell onto her back.

"Then they put their hands over my mouth because I was screaming, over my mouth and my eyes, and I never saw anybody," she said.

Abel’s 16-year-old great-grandson, his 15-year-old friend and the friend’s 14-year-old girlfriend, reportedly tied her up, covered her head and put her in the trunk of her car with her dog, Tessa.

They drove for six hours from Abel’s home to Wood Village, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

"I had no idea where I was, where they were going to take me and what they were going to do once they got me there, because I thought they would kill me," Abel said.

She tried to free her hands and figure out how to escape from the trunk. She sprang into action when the car stopped and was able to pop the trunk in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She ran into the store, where employees called police.

The teens were later apprehended at a gas station, the Miami Herald reports. The boys, who will be tried as adults, are facing charges including kidnapping and robbery, and the girl's case will be handled in juvenile court. 

Though Abel doesn't know why her great-grandson tried to hurt her, the teen told Oregon detectives he stole $60 from her last week and later asked for more but she allegedly told him she had only $2.

"I have to understand why,” Abel said. "I just cannot understand why, and the only reason I can give for it is that they wanted my money and they wanted my car."

She isn’t sure if she can forgive her great-grandson.

Sources: KPTV, The Miami Herald / Photo credit: KPTV


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