Woman Assaulted, Raped At Cemetery


A middle-aged woman was reportedly assaulted and raped while visiting a loved one’s grave.

While visiting the Slough Crematorium and Cemetery in Berkshire, England, on May 9, a woman in her 50s was reportedly attacked from behind and brutally raped. The victim, who has not been identified by the media, tried to fight off the suspect’s advances to no avail, The Sun reports.

During the incident, she suffered a head injury, according to Thames Valley Police's May 10 Facebook post. She left the scene in her car and searched for help near the entrance of the crematorium. Two passersby assisted the victim, and she was taken to Wexham Park Hospital. The suspect reportedly has a thin build and was wearing mostly black clothing.

"Officers would like to speak to anyone who saw or heard anything area of the crematorium last night," the police department's Facebook post reads. "You may have seen someone entering or leaving the crematorium, or a man in the vicinity. Any detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, could help with the investigation, so please contact police as soon as possible."

"I am shocked and disgusted by what has happened," Councilor Sabia Hussain told The Sun. "Unfortunately predators are in our society and they seek out vulnerable people in vulnerable places. The crematorium is somewhere for contemplation, grief and sadness.”

Local residents were also disgusted at what the victim endured while trying to pay respect to a relative.

"So many women would go to a [cemetery] or [crematorium] alone, not thinking for a moment it would be unsafe," Gill Bestwick wrote on the Thames Valley Police Facebook page. "Another all time low for humanity. Thoughts and [prayers] with the lady."

"I've heard before of a lady having her bag snatched from there also while she was attending to a grave, someone needs to patrol round or get CCTV," Jane Spiller wrote.

" ... I have been in the office loads of time asking for cameras because graves get [vandalized] now this,” Jo Loddy wrote.

Thames Valley Police said that an investigation is underway, and the victim is being supported by officers who are specially trained to help victims of sexual assault.

"No one should have to endure something as horrific as this," Hussain told The Sun. "We should do everything we can to find this perpetrator. I hope justice is served."

Sources: The Sun, Thames Valley Police/Facebook / Photo Credit: The Mirror

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