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Woman Jumps In Front Of Car To Save Boy (Video)

A graphic video (below) captured the moment a woman heroically threw herself in front of a car to save a young boy's life.

Shanta Jordan, of Hartford, Connecticut, jumped in front of an out-of-control vehicle to protect a little boy, according to CNN. Police said that her actions may have saved the boy's life.

"If she did not step in, the child would be in direct contact with the motor vehicle against the wall and most likely, he would have perished, he would have died," said Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez.

"She is a heroine, that's what she is," said the police chief. "She is a great person and she is an asset to this community."

"I truly believe that it would've been a fatality," Perez added.

At first, doctors feared they would have to amputate the boy's legs, but after hours of surgery, it appears that he may not lose his legs.

Jordan is still hospitalized and recovering from the incident, a friend said. She did not know the young boy whose life she may have saved.

The driver of the speeding car, Allen Pearson, 37, was also injured in the crash and taken to the hospital.

Pearson faces charges including reckless driving and failure to stop. The car Pearson was driving was revealed to have been unregistered, according to Tribune Media Wire.

In a similar story from 2012, a father in Ulverston, England, saved his son's life by jumping in front of a speeding car, according to the Daily Mail, taking the car's impact in the process.

George Tyson, 61, was killed when he pushed his disabled son, Garry, away from a car that was speeding toward him. The car struck George instead, killing him almost instantly.

A 17-year-old was arrested in the case for causing death by dangerous driving.

"My dad's life was cruelly taken away from him, although through various witness statements, the story is blessed with his selfless act of saving the life of my brother," said George's daughter, Melanie.

"We, as a family, are still in shock but realize that my dad’s quick action saved it from being an even bigger tragedy," she said. "Garry was inseparable from his dad and the huge amount of time, care and patience my dad showed will be hugely missed."

Ulverston Mayor Pat Jones also paid tribute to George, who worked as a carpenter.

"The news is dreadful and everyone is incredibly shocked," said Jones. "George's son Garry is an incredibly charming young man and he had a very close relationship with his dad. His dad was always with him whenever I saw him."

Sources: CNN Wire via KSTU, New York Daily News, Tribune Media Wire via KTLA, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Sylvar/Flickr

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