Woman Jumps Off Bridge While Trying to Escape Police (Video)


A woman recently jumped off a bridge into the freezing water below in an effort to escape police in Troutdale, Ore.

On Wednesday, a police cruiser tried pull a car over for a minor violation, but the car turned out to be stolen and a wild chase followed (video below).

The police cruiser chased the stolen car for miles through red lights and stop signs, sometimes going up to 60 mph, notes Fox 12.

However, when the car reached the bridge, the driver, identified as Rebecca Humphries, jumped out of the moving vehicle.

KOIN reports that Humphries ran to the side of the bridge and jumped into the cold river below.

While this was a daring attempt to escape, Humphries was eventually fished out of the water and taken into custody.

Humphries was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and is charged with several crimes.

Sources: Fox 12 and KOIN


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