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Woman Jumps Barrier to Feed Lions at Zoo, Banned for Life (Video)

An unidentified woman recently jumped a barrier at the Memphis, Tennessee, zoo to feed cookies to the lions.

Last week, the same woman was caught by zoo authorities throwing objects into the lion's den. She was asked to leave by zoo security guards, but returned this week, notes (video below).

This second time, the woman jumped a barrier, leaving only a wire separating her from the lions.

“[She was singing] some song that was telling how much she missed them. It was bizarre,” witness Michelle Beasley told WMC Action News 5. “I’ve never seen someone singing to a lion. It was really loud.

"She was coming back, and she crawled up on it again and was leaning forward," Beasley added.

Zoo patrons called a zoo hotline and reported the woman, who was taken out of the zoo again by security.

"She was asked to leave the zoo permanently. She will not be granted access to the zoo anymore," Memphis Zoo spokesperson Abbey Dane said.

Sources: Mediaite.comWMC Action News 5


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