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Woman Jailed After Throwing Baby At Moving Car

Lorena Garcia, 23, has been charged with injuring her child after she threw the infant at a car.

According to Austin, Texas police, Garcia threw the eight-month-old baby at the car of the child’s father during an argument over finances.

Police said the child’s father, Roberto Zepada, got into his car with the couple’s two-year-old daughter and was planning to leave a notary office they’d been arguing at.

Garcia then approached the car and began banging on its windows while holding the child. Zepada told police his foot slipped off the brake for a moment while he grabbed his cell phone. When he looked up, the child was on the windshield. He rolled down his window, to ask what happen. Garcia then picked up the child and threw it into the car through the rolled down window.

When asked by police, the couple’s two other children both said they saw their mother throw the child twice – first at the windshield, then through the window.

Garcia was booked into Travis County Jail and is being held on $14,000 bail. Injury to a child is a third-degree felony in Texas. Luckily, the child only suffered a bruised ankle from the incident.

Sources: Austin-Statesmen, KXAN


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