Woman Jailed After Microwaving Kitten Because It Attacked Goldfish


A 23-year-old British woman was sentenced to 14 weeks in jail for killing her kitten in the microwave.

Laura Cunliffe, of Hoyland, put her black and white kitten Mowgli in the microwave and turned it on for five minutes because he had attacked her goldfish.

Cunliffe said she rescued the kitten after a minute, but it died anyway.

District Judge John Foster called it an "act of utterly horrendous cruelty.”

Her attorney, Alan Greaves, said she suffers from "psychotic depression" and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act 20 times.

“She doesn’t know what’s happening - she hasn’t a clue,” a family member shouted as she was led out of court in handcuffs.

Cunliffe was jailed at Barnsley Magistrates' Court after she admitted that she caused unnecessary suffering to the animal.

The court banned her from keeping any animals for life, a ban which she can appeal in five years.

Sources: BBC News, Evening Standard


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