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Woman Jailed For Giving Inmate Boyfriend Meth Balloons (Photos)

Woman Jailed For Giving Inmate Boyfriend Meth Balloons (Photos) Promo Image

An inmate at the Oregon State Penitentiary died in 2016 after swallowing seven balloons full of methamphetamine.

The balloons were passed to him mouth-to-mouth during a "kiss" with his girlfriend, the Daily Mail notes. Once in his stomach, however, two of the balloons leaked, poisoning him to death.

Now the girlfriend, 46-year-old Melissa Ann Blair, has been sentenced to two years for supplying the meth-filled balloons to Anthony Powell, who had been serving a life sentence for stabbing his former mother-in-law to death.

Powell, who was 41 at the time, reportedly planned to pass the balloons naturally and sell the contents to inmates, but the plan was foiled as a result of his fatal meth overdose. 

What happened to the other five balloons was not reported.

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An investigation into his death led police to discover that Blair had smuggled the drugs into the prison when she visited Powell.

Blair was arrested in Nov. 2016 for possession of meth, and was jailed Thanksgiving week 2017. 

At her hearing, Blair's defense team said she was afraid of Powell and felt she had no choice but to bring him the drugs. "It was a real Svengali situation," argued her attorney, John Ransom, referring to the devious but fictional hypnotist.

Blair was introduced to Powell by Powell's friend, Brandy Pokovich, the New York Daily News reports.

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Pokovich told the court that she became pen pals with Powell after he wrote to her husband, a former inmate, but she replied to him instead. 

For more than a dozen years, they formed a deep bond via frequent letters, phone calls, and visits, Pokovich testified.

She called herself Powell's "sister by choice" and told the judge that he felt remorse for the knife slaying which landed him in prison.

"Now, because of the choices that were made, I no longer can pick up the phone and hear his voice, I can't go on a visit and see his big cheesy smile and get the best hug in the world," she told the court. "He was not just an inmate. He was a very loved and cared-for person who had a family that would always be there no matter what."

In her mugshot, Blair smiled and showed no signs of remorse over her late boyfriend's death, the Daily Mail observed. 

Whenever she gets out of prison, she must complete a drug treatment plan. 

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Featured Image: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Clackamas County Sheriff and Oregon Department of Corrections via Daily Mail

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