Woman Warns About Allergic Reaction To Lipstick


A Florida woman who suffered a dramatic allergic reaction to a certain brand of lipstick is now warning others about the dangers of using the brand.

Lily Cleopatra Maurice of Orlando, Florida, recently picked up a CoverGirl Queen Collection lipstick from her local Wal-Mart store, the Daily Mail reported May 5. The woman reportedly wore the lipstick for her husband's birthday party, and then went to sleep afterward.

When she woke up the next morning, she was horrified to discover that her bottom lip had swollen massively.

"Please be aware of the queen collection CoverGirl lipstick," Maurice later warned other potential customers on Facebook. "Purchased [lipstick] this week woke up choking with huge swollen lips. I had to be rushed to the ER! Could've died in my sleep."

The May 1 Facebook post contained photos of the woman's allergic reaction, including one of her looking distressed in a hospital bed while holding the offending CoverGirl lipstick up to the camera.

The message has been shared more than 56,000 times since it was posted, according to the Daily Mail.

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Laura Brinker, a CoverGirl spokeswoman, said the company has reached out to Maurice.

"As soon as we learned of this woman's experience, which would certainly not be expected from lipstick use, we reached out to her to learn more about what happened and see how we could help," Brinker said, according to the Daily Mail.

"We are glad to hear she is okay and are awaiting her response. At CoverGirl, the safety of people who use our brand is our top priority. We conduct extensive testing on all our products to ensure they're safe and effective."

Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist, told Refinery29 that he didn't "see any ingredient that stands out as being problematic" in the company's lipstick ingredient list.

"CoverGirl is a major brand and I'm sure they vet all their raw materials appropriately," he said.

Dr. Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist, said she believed Maurice's allergic reaction was caused by a medical condition.

“This is a condition called angioedema, which occurs soon after exposure to certain ingredients," Graf told Refinery29. "It’s accompanied by severe lower-lip swelling and often, by difficulty breathing and swallowing."

Substances that trigger the condition include fragrances and other potential allergens in beauty products, Graf noted.

Maurice posted a follow-up message on Facebook thanking well-wishers for their support and updating them on her current condition. "The swelling has gotten down slightly and I have been resting from steroids," she wrote, according to the Daily Mail. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Refinery29 / Photo credit: Lily Maurice/Facebook via Daily Mail

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