Woman Issued Citation for Facebook Comment (Video)

Christine Adamski received a $50 citation in the mail from the Will County Forest Preserve District in Joliet, Illinois, last week.

The ticket claimed that the Bolingbrook, Illinois resident had used a dog park without a permit. The citation claimed the supposed proof of this infraction was a copy of her Facebook post “admitting her guilt.”

“I laughed,” Adamski told the Chicago Tribune (video below). “I was like, this is totally untrue. Obviously I’m not going to pay this.”

The citation noted that Adamski had posted on the Whalon Park Dog Park group’s Facebook page:

I was feeling bad that I haven’t bought a pass and been bringing Ginger there, but I’m pretty glad I haven’t. So not going to worry about it until later. I hope all the doggies get better soon.

After she got the citation, Adamski wrote on the Whalon Park Dog Park Facebook page how the ticket said that she “knowingly entered a dog park without a valid 2014 permit.”

“That’s dead wrong,” added Adamski. “I haven’t gone there since 2013!”

Apparently, a forest protection district employee forwarded Adamski's comment to a forest preserve protection officer, who wrote the citation.

“The employee had good intentions, but it wasn’t a good idea,” stated Lt. Tracey Phillips of the Will County Forest Preserve District Police.

Adamski received a call from Lt. Phillips on today telling her that the citation had been dismissed.

“We treat any information like that as a tip and that has to be verified before any action is taken on our part,” stated Forest Preserve District Executive Director Marcy DeMauro. “We would go to the dog park to see if that individual is actually there and using the dog park without a permit.”

Being arrested for a Facebook comment is becoming more common. In 2013, Justin Carter, 19, and a friend were arguing on Facebook about the online video game "League of Legends," reported CNN.

Carter allegedly wrote: "I'm f***ed in the head alright. I think I'ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them."

Carter spent five months in jail for what he said was a sarcastic comment followed by a "LOL" and "J/K" which is a web abbreviation for "just kidding."

Sources: Chicago TribuneCNN


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