Woman Hits Two Men With Car at Gas Station (Video)


Two men were hit by an unidentified female driver at a Houston gas station this week.

The bizarre incident was caught on the service station's surveillance camera (video below).

Marcus Chukuwuu and his boss were standing at a gas pump when the female driver backed into the space next to them, almost striking the men.

Chukuwuu's boss told the woman that she almost hit them, which set her off.

"He was like, 'Don't kill me.' And she was like, 'If I wanted to kill you I'd shoot you, I won't run you over,'" Chukuwuu told Local 2.

Chukuwuu walked inside the gas station store to get some change, but when he walked out the female driver hit the gas.

"When I turned around, it was a lady coming full speed to take us out," Chukuwuu recalled. "She took off, hit us both and just kept going."

According to KLTV, police are looking for her car, which is described as a silver or gray Buick with a broken window.

Chukuwuu and his boss were taken to a local hospital with cuts and bruises.

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Sources: KLTVLocal 2


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