Woman Shares Photo Of Injuries Caused By Drunk Driver


A 22-year-old woman has urged people not to drink and drive after she was struck at 75 miles per hour by a drunk driver.

Shelby Farris, a hairstylist from Memphis, Tennessee, suffered severe injuries in the collision Sept. 13, the Daily Mail reported.

Farris posted about her experience on Imgur with a picture of her injured face in the hospital. She has received many comments of encouragement.

“I may not look the best right now, but dammit I am fighting,” she wrote, according to the Mail.

Her post has been viewed around 200,000 times.

Farris said she was on her way to a date when the crash occurred. She called her date on speaker phone.

“I had been letting him know I'd be a little late, because there had been an accident earlier,” she told the Mail.

Farris was able to perform a last minute turn as the vehicle approached.

“I remember the driver coming at me, then I lost consciousness. I woke up to my new friend Hunter, who is an EMT in training,” she added.

“He talked to me and kept me calm until the paramedics arrived,” said Farris.

Tennessee Highway Patrol was forced to temporarily close Highway 385 due to the severity of the crash.

Farris suffered a series of injuries, including broken ribs, a fractured arm, a collapsed lung and a broken ankle.

“People don't realize the consequences of their actions. I could have died but because I made the conscious effort to turn when I did, I am alive to share my story,” said Farris.

The driver of the other vehicle was 40-year-old Steven Walls, WMC reported. He was charged with DUI and also taken to the hospital in a serious condition.

Farris said it was Walls’ third DUI, and he is allegedly wanted on charges in two states.

Farris was operated upon for her fractured arm and the prospects for her recovery appear good. She does not expect to suffer from any long-term injuries.

Sources: Daily Mail, WMC via Mississippi News Now / Photo credit: Vincenzo Lanni/Flickr

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