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Woman Hires 16-Year-Old Lover To Kill Husband, He Kills The Wrong Guy

A South Carolina woman was sentenced to life in prison on Friday after hiring her 16-year-old lover to kill her husband. The 16-year-old killed the wrong man, however.

Karlita Phillips hired then 16-year-old Tavirous Settles to kill her husband Dale. When he arrived at the house, he shot who he thought to be Dale, but turned out to be his brother, Jamil Phillips.

Karlita will spend the rest of her life in prison, according to Greenwood County Solicitor David Stumbo.

The incident happened in 2013 in Abbeville at the home of Dale and Jamil Phillips' parents. Dale was living at the house at the time. Jamil, 31, was shot dead on the porch.

Kartlita Phillips had promised to pay Settles $13,000 for killing her estranged husband. Settles, now 17, is already incarcerated after being convicted for a separate murder earlier this year.

Settles testified that he and Karlita were lovers. He said that she drove him to the Phillips family home, where he shot Jamil instead of Dale.

According to prosecutors, Karlita was motivated by greed and hatred.

Circuity Judge Frank Addy Jr. called Phillips' actions "reprehensible."

She was convicted of accessory to murder and solicitation of a minor to commit a felony.

She had reportedly hoped to cash in her husband's life insurance policy of $500,000 and another $25,000 policy she purchased after their separation.

Sources: Daily NewsNBC News

Photo Credit: Daily News


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