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Woman Hired A Homeless Felon To Work At Her Restaurant, Is Surprised By Result (Photo)

A restaurant owner faced backlash after taking a different approach when a homeless man came into her restaurant looking for money.

When the homeless man seeking money walked into Cesi Abi's newly open restaurant, Abi's Cafe, Abi said to the man: “Why don't you have a job, you know nothing is given to me for free right?," according to a March 25 Facebook post on Love What Matters.

The man told her he was unemployed because he has a history of felonies and couldn’t find a place to hire him. Rather than turning him away, something he had experienced many times before, she said: “You want to work? I have a job for you!”

Abi offered the man, Marcus, a job washing dishes and taking out the trash for two hours, according to the Facebook post. After he was finished for the day, she asked him if he would want to continue doing this every day.

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“So now for almost 2 weeks he has been on time for his two hour shift helping take trash, washing dishes, etc.,” Cesi said, according to Love What Matters. “Do something nice for someone today and don’t judge them just because they are out there asking for money for we don’t know their situation… some deserve another shot.”

Abi said that after Marcus gets paid for his work, he chooses to buy food for himself at her restaurant.

After sharing her story, Abi faced unexpected backlash. Readers called the restaurant owner out for making the man pay for his meal and for only offering him two hours per day.

Abi responded to the criticism by stating that Marcus insists on paying for his food, and that her business, which is still very new, does not have the funds to offer him more hours. She says she offers  him longer shifts when the restaurant has the money to support it.


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