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Cops: Woman Survives In Woods For A Month, High On Meth (Photos)

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Police officers were stunned to learn that a legally blind 25-year-old Alabama woman survived being stranded in the woods, naked, for nearly a month. Now, they believe they know how she got lost there in the first place: she was reportedly high on methamphetamine.

Lisa Theris, a former Hooters waitress who is studying radiography in school, was likely confused and hallucinating when as she wandered around the dense forest, where she reportedly stayed for 25 days during July and August, reports Daily Mail.

The woods are small enough that it takes less than a day to walk from one side to the other. Officials believe that Theris was never more than a mile away from the road, and traffic sounds can be heard from most parts of it.

But Theris, who emerged disheveled, naked, missing her glasses and 45 pounds lighter than she went in, was likely in the woods for the entire duration of those days, said Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers.

She was covered in cuts, bites and poison ivy welts. 

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"We are thinking they were all pretty much on drugs," Rodgers told Daily Mail. "Me personally, I think she was on meth, she was hallucinating and she just got lost in the woods. She was probably so under the influence on drugs that she stripped her clothes off. She was in a strange place, she came to, she didn't know where she was. I don't know how much drugs she took but I believe she was in there the whole time."

Theris, who has bipolar disorder in addition to being legally blind, reportedly took drugs with two men, who emerged from the woods convinced that she was dead and accused each other of killing her.

One even told officials that the other man shot Theris in the head and threw her body in a creek. A two-day search ensued and both men were arrested, but no body was found.

"We did a lot of ghost-hunting," Rodgers recounted. "They were so geeked out that they started blaming each other for a murder that didn't happen. They were as relieved as we were when she walked out of those woods. They were thinking they killed her."

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Theris reportedly survived off of berries and mushrooms.

"The last two days I was out there, I started to hear a road, and knew I was close so started going in different directions," Theris said, according to The Mirror. "I couldn't be there any longer, had to get out … I'm so lucky to have found the perfect person. She fed me, clothed me, gave me water and stayed with me until the ambulance came."

Theris said that "it was a miracle" that the woman found her.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Featured Image: Tim Gorman/Flickr / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail

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