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Woman High On Bath Salts Stabs Family Dog Claiming It Was 'Demon Possessed'

A Maine woman was arrested after she stabbed her family’s dog with a kitchen knife because she thought it was “demon possessed.”

Ashley Doody, 30, is currently in jail on $1,000 bail and has been banned from having any access to pets in the future.

Aroostook County Police were called to a Perham residence on Easter Sunday, April 5, and found the mother of two threatening to harm herself with a knife.

They found she had stabbed her family’s mixed-breed dog, Trixie, because she thought the dog was possessed by demons. Police believe Doody was under the influence of the drug known as bath salts, which is known to cause severe paranoia, hallucinations and suicidal behavior among users.

Sheriff Darrell Crandall told the Bangor Daily News that Trixie was seriously injured and lost a lot of blood but was taken to a veterinarian and is expected to survive.

Crandall said the family was trying to restrain Doody, who visited the home and started attacking aggressively.

Doody was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a class C felony. She will appear in Aroostook County Superior Court on May 19.

Sources: Bangor Daily News

Photo Credit: Aroostook County Sheriff's Office via Bangor Daily News


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