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Woman Hides Drugs In Last Place You Should Hide Drugs, Offers Odd Excuse

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How did that get in there?

A Florida woman was caught with pills inside her vagina and told authorities she had no idea how the drugs had gotten there.

38-year-old Dusty Ingram shocked police when they found the pills in a plastic bag inside her vagina after a strip search at the Okaloosa County Jail in Florida.

The North West Florida Daily News reported that Ingram told police what the pills were and that she had a prescription for them.

Ingram explained that she usually keeps the drugs in her purse, so was confused when the strip search revealed them in her genitals, according to NY Daily News.

Ingram confessed she knew that bringing pills into jail is forbidden.

She was indicted for bringing contraband into a detention facility, which is a felony.

Sources: North West Florida Daily, NY Daily News / Photo credit: North West Florida Daily

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