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Note To Kid's Teacher Leads To Woman Being Rescued From Violent Ex-Boyfriend


A woman held captive in her home in Racine County, Wisconsin, was rescued by law enforcement after sending a note to her child's teacher explaining the situation and pleading for help, police say. Fox 6 reported.

The woman's captor was identified as Alejandro Rodriguez, an ex-boyfriend who was on probation at the time and had been ordered not to have any contact with the woman, The Racing County Eye reports.

Rodriguez, 58, reportedly entered the 35-year-old woman's home around 9 p.m. the night of Oct. 6 after being let into the house by one of her children, according to the criminal complaint. He then took the woman hostage, forcing her to stay close to him and taking away her cellphone.

Rodriguez confronted the victim with a knife, stating, "I am not going back to prison." He punched the woman in the stomach and threatened to kill her in the morning after the children left for school.

After she woke up on Oct. 7, the woman wrote a note reading: “Can you please call the cops? My name is (victim’s name) and I live at (victim’s address). Alejandro Rodriguez is in my house with a knife, and has threatened to kill me. Unit side door is unlocked. Please help," and sent it with her son to an elementary school in Racine.

The school's principal called the police after receiving the note from the child's teacher. Authorities then rescued the woman in her home.  

Rodriguez had committed violence against the woman prior to the hostage incident.

On Sept. 27, 10 days before the victim was taken hostage in her home, police responded to a report of a woman being assaulted by a man in a blue van near 12th Street and Memorial Drive. When they tracked the injured victim down, she told them that her ex-boyfriend, Rodriguez, had attacked her while she was in the vehicle with her children.

Rodriguez had struck the woman in the face about 10 times, according to the criminal complaint filed over the Sept. 27 assault. He fled the scene before he could be apprehended.  

Rodriguez, who has a long criminal record dating back to 1976, has been arrested and charged with battery, intimidation of a victim, false imprisonment, burglary, stalking, and disorderly conduct, Fox 6 reports. If convicted of all charges, he could face up to 74 years in prison and a fine of up to $127,000.  

Sources: Fox 6, Racine County Eye

Photo Credit: Police photo via Racine County Eye, Caleb Roenigk


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