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Woman Heartbroken After Finding Dog Bleeding To Death With Paws Cut Off

A West Virginia woman was devastated after she found her dog bleeding to death with his two front paws cut off. The dog had to be euthanized.

Jessica Bennett went outside on June 2 at around 6 p.m. to check her mail when she noticed a trail of blood leading to the back of her Jefferson County home, WHSTV reported.

At first, she thought her father may have hurt himself. But soon she realized that her beloved dog, Malakai, had crawled underneath the house and was covered in blood.

“Ten minutes later, he makes his way up to my porch to tell mommy that he’s hurt,” Bennett said.

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Upon examining the dog, Bennett made a horrific discovery: Malakai’s front paws had been cut off.

“I’m screaming hysterically,” Bennett recalled. “I just holler for my husband.”

Malakai lost so much blood from the injury that Bennett had to have him put down. She said she and her family are heartbroken and now she wants answers.

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“Who did this to my baby puppy? He didn’t deserve this,” Bennett said. “Now he’s gone.”

Sgt. Brian Humphreys said a full investigation is underway, the Charleston Gazette reported.

"Animals have hearts too, they have feelings,” Bennett told WHSTV. “Not only did he love people, but he loved my babies.”

The local station posted the story to its Facebook page, where many expressed their outrage and concern.

“We should ALL focus not only on the loss of her puppy and what happened — we should — everyone of us — focus on the fact that there is a seriously dangerous person out there,” wrote one Facebook user. “This IS serious people.”

Sources: WHSTV, The Charleston Gazette, Facebook

Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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