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Woman Heard Moaning After Being Declared Dead By Authorities (Video)


A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, woman was heard moaning shortly after being declared dead by authorities following a violent shooting (video below). 

On Nov. 28, Tonie Phillips was shot 13 times on the street where she lived, according to WISN. Police reportedly told Phillips' family that she was an innocent victim in the shooting.

After the shooting, first responders pronounced her dead and covered her body with a tarp, leaving soon after. It was just a half hour later that officers began hearing her make sounds. 

“Twenty-five minutes under a tarp, and you're still living, but they pronounced you dead?” Phillips’ sister, Teresea Khalil, told WISN.

“If she was under there 25 minutes, she could have possibly survived," Khalil added.

Paramedics returned to the scene and rushed Phillips to the hospital after the moans were heard, but she died a few hours later. The woman’s family is now demanding an explanation.

“Do they apologize?" Monty Watts, Phillips' son, said. "How does that go? Do they suffer consequences, repercussions?”

Police officers reportedly performed CPR until the emergency responders returned.

“Sick ain't the word," Khalil said. "That was my sister, like a best friend."

An investigation is currently underway.

Sources: WISN, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via WISN 

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