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Man Allegedly Hits Wife For Each Facebook Like She Gets (Photos)

Man Allegedly Hits Wife For Each Facebook Like She Gets (Photos) Promo Image

A 21-year-old had to have facial reconstruction surgery after her husband allegedly punched her every single time her Facebook photos received a like. (Warning: The photos below are graphic.)

"Her mouth was all broken, she was very damaged, her skin was hanging off because of the blows," attorney Arnaldo Martinez said of the state in which authorities found Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, according to Daily Mail.

Surgeons had to reconstruct the lips and nasal septum on her smashed, bloodied face.

When Ortigoza saw photos of her swollen, disfigured visage after her hospitalization, she reportedly did not even recognize herself.

The only reason she did not lose any teeth in the attacks was because her husband, 32-year-old Pedro Heriberto Galeano, "would put a cloth in her mouth so that she would not scream during the brutal beatings that she suffered daily," Martinez said.

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Galeano reportedly started reacting violently when her Facebook pictures got any attention and later and progressed to punching and kicking her regularly.

"He controlled the victim's social networking sites, he controlled the messages and photos, and for every like she received from her friends, the woman received a beating because he accused her of having a relationship with them."

The Paraguayan woman's friends had no way of knowing the terror and dread that their friendly notifications would instill in her while Galeano allegedly held her against her will and tortured her.

Ultimately, Galeano's father called police and reported his son's behavior out of fear that Ortigoza was going to die from the final beating.

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The husband was arrested and charged with deprivation of liberty, coercion and attempted homicide. If convicted, he could face 30 years in prison.

Daily Mail readers were shocked and sickened by what happened to Ortigoza. A number of commenters had strong language and ill will for Galeano and believed he deserved to be brutally beaten in turn.

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"The world has definitely gone mad," one person said.

Others said he demonstrated a tremendous amount of "insecurity," since he knew that his "pretty" young wife "would get tons of likes from her friends by posting pictures of her."

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"Probably learnt [behavior] from Dad," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Only difference is Dad knew when to stop, hence why he only thought to report his son when the wife was close to death. Probably [didn't] want his son in jail for murder - just attempted murder. Lock them both up."

In Paraguay, one woman is murdered every 10 days on average, according to a 2010 report from Inter Press Service.

Sources: Daily MailInter Press Service / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: Matt Roper/Daily Mail

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