Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For 'Revealing' Outfit (Photos)


A college student was kicked out of her campus gym because her outfit was deemed too revealing.

Danielle, the student, took a photo of her outfit and posted it to Twitter, explaining the series of events that led to her being kicked out of the gym.

“It’s not often that I, Danielle, a student at Washington and Lee, make it to my university’s fitness center, but after a long day of studying for exams, I needed a break,” Danielle wrote. She went on to explain that she was on an elliptical machine when the music playing in her headphones was interrupted by a timid-sounding voice. 

“Excuse me, excuse me,” the voice reportedly said. “Your shirt is cut too low in the back. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Danielle said that according to policy, the fitness center director had the right to “determine what is or is not appropriate fitness attire,” and that people wearing outfits deemed inappropriate would be asked to leave.

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“Ahh, just as I expected,” she wrote. “The male Fitness Center Director had sent the student, who was barely able to keep eye contact with me. She didn’t seem ballsy enough to kick me out of the gym without a push from a higher-up.”

Danielle expressed her disappointment, saying that she had “witnessed nip-slips in that very fitness center when meatheads have trimmed a few too many inches from the side of their homemade tank tops.” 

“But I get kicked out for revealing a triangle in the middle of my back?” she wrote. “And on Women’s Equal Pay Day no less? Double standard much?”

After her tweets went viral, Danielle spoke with Total Sorority Move and expanded on her experience at the gym.

“Part of me wanted to start a scene — storm into the director’s office and demand to know what was so inappropriate about my top,” she said. “But another part of me was embarrassed. As I left the gym, I had to fight back tears,” she said. “As I was leaving the gym I bumped into a boy headed there who is known for his revealing tank tops. I wondered if he would be kicked out like I had been.”

In a similar incident, a woman was kicked out of a local Planet Fitness for her “toned body” being too “intimidating” for other gym members.

The gym released a statement denying that the issue was with her body. Rather, they said, her outfit was not considered appropriate.

“Planet Fitness’ dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs,” Planet Fitness said in a statement, Huffington Post reported. 

Sources: Total Sorority Move, Huffington Post / Photo credit: Total Sorority Move

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