Woman Contacts McDonald’s Owner After Finding Suspicious White Substance on Her Sandwich

A McDonald’s customer is dissatisfied after discovering an odd white substance on her sandwich.

As described on Business Insider, Julia La Roche stopped by a Manhattan McDonald’s around midnight.

The experience was so disgusting that she swears, “after my experience there I’ll never eat at the chain again.”

La Roche ordered a Southern Style Chicken sandwich meal and describes that “when the food arrived, I opened up the bun.”

What she saw inside was “a white substance on the pickles, the bun, and at the edge of the chicken patty.”

“I knew there had to be a mistake,” La Roche said. “I’ve had this meal before and the sandwich is served plain with a buttered bun.” When she explained to the cashier “without being explicit what I thought that substance looked like, she laughed and said it was ‘tartar sauce.’”

La Roche accepted the cashier’s offer to provide another sandwich—without tartar sauce. The sandwich arrived, and checking that “it looked OK,” La Roche ate it.

The next morning, she turned to Google and determined that the substance on her first sandwich was definitely not tartar sauce, which, unlike the substance on her meal, includes pickle relish.

La Roche went on to email McDonald’s corporate public relations a photo of her suspicious meal.

Linda Dunham, the owner of the McDonald’s in question on 56th St. and 8th Ave., responded with a phone call in which she apologized, explained there should be neither mayo nor tartar on that sandwich, and said that she would look into the situation.

Nearly a week passed without further contact, until La Roche called her back the following Tuesday.

Dunham explained that she “watched some of the product being prepared” and suggested that, “I don’t know whether it’s the grease that caused it or something like a little balloon that comes up and sometimes it has a little more white in it, but there’s absolutely nothing that we add to that product other than butter.”

When La Roche questioned why the cashier would have called it “tartar sauce,” Dunham provided only a noncommittal answer, noting that the cashier “only works the front counter” and must not have “understood.”

The owner added that she doesn’t know who was cooking at that hour, and that cameras do not cover every part of the kitchen. She called the meal a “safe product,” and said she’d never gotten a complaint of this nature.

“I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 30 some years,” Dunham said, assuring La Roche that she didn’t believe anyone had done anything intentional to the sandwich. “I’ve never ever ever ever ever known at employee to do something like that.”

In the aftermath of the incident, La Roche notes that while McDonald’s was at least responsive, “I’m still never eating there again.”

Sources: Yahoo News, Business Insider

Photo Source: Business Insider


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