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Police In Michigan Pulling Over Innocent Drivers

Police in Jackson County, Michigan, have been stopping innocent drivers this holiday season.

It has been a puzzling experience for the drivers in question, reports WSYM.

"I couldn't think of why I would be in trouble," Laurie Gary said. “I was scared.”

Another driver, Claire Schulcz, wondered: "I was thinking well what did I do? I knew I wasn't speeding and I waited until the light turned green."

The motorists were even more baffled when the officer who pulled them over began asking them about their Christmas wish list.

"I was laughing because how many officers do you have ask you 'what do you need for Christmas?'” Gary said. “Or what do you want?"

It turns out that while cops were pulling over drivers for minor traffic violations, they were also handing out presents in addition to tickets.

The presents range from “iPads to gifts cards to just toys for kids," explained Marla Sanford of American One Credit Union, which is teaming up with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office for this community outreach event.

During the traffic stop, other officers listen in on what the driver wants for Christmas and proceed to get the gifts that are on the wish list. Gary, for instance, got some new boots.

The gift Schulcz received wasn’t revealed, but she was reportedly happy with it. "It was gonna be kind of tough this year to put something under the tree,” she said. “So this is really gonna be helpful."

However, she also got a ticket “for not using my blinker,” she confessed. But the gift no doubt took some of the sting out of receiving a citation.

"It shows that they've got good hearts,” Laurie said, according to Little Things. “A lot of people don't believe the officers don't have a good heart. And they do.”

Sources: WSYM, Little Things / Photo credit: Pixabay

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