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Taco Bell Manager Fights Former Employee (Video)

Taco Bell Manager Fights Former Employee (Video) Promo Image

A video (below) of a Taco Bell manager fighting with a disgruntled former employee has gone viral.

The six-minute video was recorded by an employee at a Taco Bell in Texas, KSAT reported. It shows a woman, who is believed to be a former employee, arguing with a man, who is believed to be the manager.

Another young man is seen in the video and is identified in as the former employee's son.

The video opens with the woman shouting at the manager. The manager then engages the woman's son.

"How old are you, little girl?" the woman is heard asking the manager while wielding a tea dispenser. She then throws the tea at the manager.

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The manager responds by finding another tea dispenser behind the counter. He then throws it at the woman. The woman then throws the tea dispenser container at the manager.

"I just threw it at your mother. You're a f***ing p***y," the manager is heard yelling at the woman's son.

The woman then walks up to the manager behind the counter. Other employees can be heard saying, "No Margarita!"

"Your mother is about to get knocked out," the manager is heard telling the young man. Other employees plead for the young man to take his mother back to their car.

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The manager continues taunting the former employee and her son. He then takes his shirt off, and tells the woman to get her husband. They continue arguing with each other and cursing at each other.

At one point, the woman is seen arming herself with what appears to be a metal spatula. Another employee is seen interrupting the fight, informing the manager and woman that she called the cops.

"Arturo, Arturo -- the police is coming," an employee is heard saying.

The woman's son becomes increasingly frustrated and throws an inanimate object toward the employee recording the video. That employee is heard telling the woman to tell her son to calm down.

When police arrive, an employee informs them that the woman is not supposed to be there.

The manager then identifies himself at the assistant manager to the police. He informs them that the woman had been fired and was there to pick up her last check.

The officers handcuff the woman, and instruct the assistant manager to put his shirt on and calm down.

"I didn't do anything to him. It was him," the woman is heard saying to police.

It is unknown what became of the woman or manager in the video. It is also unknown if any criminal charges were filed.

Several social media users responded to the video, some calling for action to be taken against the manager, as well.

"In my opinion the manager needs to get fired and be sent to prison talking about all the gang crap and making threats to a teenager and a female pretty sure he won't be talking all that mess then," wrote one YouTube user. "What a real man calling a female a names and fighting with a teenager.  He needs to be fired too. I don't want him cooking my food . he needs prayer as well as her. Looks like taco bell needs new employees."

Sources: KSAT, YouTube / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr, Taco Bell Employee via New York Post, Longroom

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