Woman Suffers Third-Degree Burns From Hot Pennies (Photo)


An Oklahoma woman has suffered third-degree burns from hot coins left on the seat of her car. The woman is now warning others about her ordeal.

Melissa Sechrist, 48, of Moore, Oklahoma, told KWTV that she sustained the burns to the back of her thigh on July 20 after accidentally sitting on five hot copper pennies in her car.

The pennies had reportedly fallen from the cup holder inside the Ford Explorer and onto the driver's seat, where they were left to bake in the hot summer sun. When Sechrist got into the vehicle and sat down, she immediately felt a burning pain in her leg.

"Excruciating pain. It was just horrible pain I've never felt before in my life," she told KWTV.

Sechrist added that she could barely walk, sit, or lie down after being burned by the hot pennies. She initially tried to treat the burns with ice at home, but eventually had to go to the hospital.

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"The doctor ... came in and lifted my shorts up," Sechrist told KWTV. "Her eyes got real big and she kind of jumped back. She'd never seen anything like it!"

According to experts, sunlight entering a car's window can make the interior of the car extremely hot even when the temperature outside is not unreasonably high, the International Journal Review reported. On a day where the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, the interior of a vehicle left in the sun can reach up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature on July 20 was reportedly 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sechrist said her burns are beginning to heal after being treated with antibiotics and cream. She warns others to watch what they leave on the seat of a hot car.

"Everybody needs to watch for coins on their seats because it does burn. I would hate to see a child with these kind of burns on their legs," she told KWTV. 

Sources: KWTVInternational Journal Review / Photo credit: KWTV via International Journal Review

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