Obituary Asks Mourners Not To Vote For Donald Trump


A Massachusetts woman requested that her loved ones do not vote for Donald Trump as her final request.

Alba Keus, who is survived by nine children, 17 grandchildren, maintained a love of politics and historical matters throughout her 86 years, WCVB. Her large family remembered the heated political debates that formed a part of their family get-togethers.

"She was so cerebral,” daughter Andrea O’Neill told WCVB.

Keus reportedly kept tabs on the 2016 presidential race and was disturbed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's rise.

"Her point (was) learn from history,” daughter Marion Mendelsohn explained. “He's teaching hate. What have we learned.”

"She goes, 'Can you even believe that people are voting for this man?,'” recalled O’Neill. “'Has the world gone crazy? The world has gone crazy.’”

After Keus passed away on March 17, the 86-year-old history buff left one final request for her friends and family in her obituary.

“In lieu of flowers, Alba’s request would be that you do not vote for Donald Trump," the obituary stated.

Family members believed Keus wanted to ensure that her voice was heard, even if she would not be able to physically cast a vote.

"We just thought that this was her last way to get her vote in," O'Neill told WCVB.

The obituary has since gone viral, and relatives feel assured that Keus would be happy that her words were able to make an impact.

"For her message to be heard is the best thing that could happen today," Mendelsohn said. "This is a dream come true for her."

This is not the first obituary to make such a request in recent months.

In January, Jeffrey H. Cohen of Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, also requested that his loved ones not vote for Donald Trump, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. For those who would not be swayed away from voting for the controversial candidate, Cohen also gave his friends and family the option of donating to the NIMMO Educational Foundation, which promotes noninvasive, nonsurgical solutions for those suffering from chronic pain.

Conversely, the obituary of Ernest Overbey of Virginia ended with the statement, "Please vote for Donald Trump," the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. Trump posted Overbey’s obituary on Twitter, thanking the lifelong Republican and writing that he "must have been a great person."

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