IKEA Employees Catch Shoplifter With Pan In Pants (Video)

A woman was caught shoplifting a pan at the St. Louis IKEA after employees noticed something very odd. The incident was caught on film (video below).

According to KTVI, a bystander filmed as IKEA employees stopped Sierra Coleman, 28, who was caught with a pan stuffed into the backside of her leggings. One employee held Coleman, who put up a fight, while others argued with her.

"It's a misdemeanor," Coleman yelled at IKEA's loss prevention officer. "Only $30 dollars!"

"You have IKEA property in your pants," the loss prevention officer told her.

Coleman was caught after employees spotted the clear outline of an IKEA pan in the backside of her leggings. The panhandle can be seen sticking out of the waistband. 

While restrained by the store employees, she fought back, grabbing and biting the employees. The employees tell her she may face assault charges for being violent toward them.

Eventually, Coleman pulls the pan out of her leggings and drops it on the ground before the employees walk her inside the store, presumably to wait for police to arrive.

According to police documents, employees spotted Coleman putting bed sheets in a bag and attempting to leave the store without paying. A security guard tried to stop her, but she reportedly bit him on the arm. It is not made clear in the report how the pan ended up in her leggings.

Coleman is facing two misdemeanor charges of theft and one charge of assault, the Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis says, according to KTVI. 

Video of the incident was uploaded online by the bystander who filmed the event and it quickly went viral.

Sources: KTVIDani Rosemary via YouTube / Photo credit: Dani Rosemary via KTVI​

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