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Woman Grows "Mystery Seeds": Turned Out to be Marijuana

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By "Cannabis Karri"

A 67 year old grandmother in Connelsville, Pennsylvania, was charged with possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance last year after she says a bearded stranger wearing a knit hat gave her some seeds. She contends she had no idea that the seeds would grow marijuana.

Alterta Kelley has no police or criminal record. Charges were filed against the woman last January after police officers observed seven four-foot tall marijuana plants in her back yard. The police were there to serve a warrant on a family member. The officer on the scene said that when he asked Ms. Kelley what the plants were, she stated she did not know what they were.

Officer Wesley Wilson wrote up in the criminal complaint that she stated at the scene that a man she didn’t know gave her the seeds and told her to plant them. Luckily for Kelley, a Fayette County Jury found her not guilty this week and her charges were tossed. The knit-hat-wearing, bearded “Johnny Ganjaseed’s” identity remains unknown.

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