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Woman Goes On Racist Rant Against Latino Family (Video)

An unidentified woman went on a racist rant against a Latino family in the parking lot of the Mesa County Health Department in Grand Junction, Colorado, on Aug. 1 (video below).

Yolanda Flores was taking her 14-year-old son, Ahmed, to get a physical. Yolanda's 6-year-old granddaughter, Allison, was also with them, notes The Daily Sentinel.

The family left their dog in their car with the windows down, which they later regretted. Ahmed and Allison went outside to check on the dog after a county employee called Animal Services.

When Ahmed and Allison reached their car, they were confronted by three women, so the children went back into the Health Department, and came outside with Yolanda which is when the video starts.

Yolanda filmed the incident, and her daughter, Wendy, posted the recording on Facebook, where it has gone viral.

In the video, the woman yells at Yolanda and her family:

"Be the wetback coming to get services, honey. You, your kind. You're the ones who give the brown people bad name. Just f------ want to get something for nothing.

"Get your a-- a job if you don't have one. Speak English b----! It's America, put me on YouTube, go for it! Down with Mexicans that don't learn the language of the world! God----- wetbacks."

Yolanda and her husband Ignacio have lived in the U.S. for about 23 years.

Wendy wrote about her parents on her Facebook page:

"My father has worked hard in the oil rigs so my mother can raise her children and give us a very privileged life. They always pay their taxes and have had absolutely no government help. They have taught us to help people and to work hard to earn the life we want.

"My parents have sacrificed so much so much for us and it breaks my heart the way they get treated because of their broken English. I know they can speak english. And I know my mother understood every single word they said."

WARNING: Graphic language.

Sources: The Daily Sentinel, Wendy Flores/Facebook / Photo credit: Wendy Flores/Facebook via YouTube

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