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Woman Jailed For Terrorizing Neighbors With Loud Sex

A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in prison after she repeatedly harassed her neighbors with noisy sex and derogatory comments.

In April, Amanda Warfel, 25, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges in connection with a February incident. She also pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a similar incident in March.

Those charges were reduced to non-traffic citations, while a charge of ethnic intimidation was dropped altogether, according to the York Daily Record.

In both cases, Warfel was given the same sentence of up to 90 days in prison, WPIX reports.

"She harassed my kids for two years," neighbor Tanya Saylor told the York Daily Record. "We let it go for two years. I shouldn’t have let it go that long. I should have started calling the police a year ago."

Saylor said she would give two of her five children headphones before bed in order to drown out the lewd noises coming from the other side of the wall.

"It's pretty pathetic when you have to have a protocol due to your neighbor's actions," Saylor said.

When the problems first began, Saylor said she would knock on Warfel's door and ask her to reduce the noise level. Instead of helping, it made the situation worse, with Warfel reportedly calling Saylor and her daughters racist names and threatening them.

The noise went on until 3 a.m. some nights, which made it difficult for Saylor's daughters to wake up on time for school. Twice the police had to write notes excusing their tardiness, according to the York Daily Record.

At one point, Saylor's 17-year-old daughter had to be quarantined in the room for a period of 10 days after she received treatment for cancer. During this time, Saylor said Warfel consistently had loud sex, "making sure that my daughter heard."

"I couldn’t do anything," she added. "I couldn't be around her, nobody could."

On the night of Warfel's second arrest in March, she was reportedly having sex so loudly and roughly that the furniture in Saylor's daughters' room shook.

In court, Warfel told the judge she wished her neighbors were present so that she could apologize, according to WPIX.

Sources: WPIX, York Daily Record / Photo credit: York County Prison via WGHP

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