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Woman Goes In For Botox And Winds Up Being Injected With Snake Venom

A Romanian lawyer says her face was left paralyzed for a year after a cosmetic surgeon injected her face with snake venom instead of Botox.

Reports say that 38-year-old Raluca Crisan went to see plastic surgeon Adrian Oancea, 47, for advice on how she could stay looking young. Oancea suggested that Crisan go for Botox, and when he gave her the injections, her face immediately began to swell and burn.

Crisan was admitted to the hospital before it was discovered that the surgeon had injected her with snake venom, and as a result, Crisan says that her face was paralyzed for a year.

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Now, after going through a lengthy trial following a lawsuit she filed against the doctor, Crisan says she is still waiting for a verdict.

“When he testified, he said he did not actually know what it was that he gave me because he'd ordered it from a Chinese supplier – and the writing was all in Chinese,” Crisan said, according to The Daily Mirror. “The Ministry of Health told my lawyer that the substance was not authorised [sic] to use here in the country, and as it wasn't registered they couldn't tell me what it was either. On the website of the Chinese provider however I found out it was viper venom.

“My face was paralysed [sic] for about eight months to one year,” Crisan continued. “My lacrimal glands [the ones that make tears] were paralysed [sic] and I had to permanently use pharmaceutical drops. I could not use any facial muscles: I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cry, it was terrible.”

Reports say that Oancea resigned from the hospital following the incident, although he still allegedly works with private patients.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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