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Woman Goes Ballistic, Trashes Diner (Video)

Latima Brown reportedly went ballistic inside a New York City diner last week after the manager requested that she leave.

The New York Police Department says Brown entered the Malibu Diner at about 5 a.m. last Wednesday (video below).

She engaged in a loud and profane cell phone conversation for about half an hour, didn't order food and ignored requests to keep it down.

“She was yelling and very upset and very verbal,” diner owner Alex Grimpas told DNAinfo New York. “We’re used to loud, but the cursing was very heavy.”

"When the manager told her to leave if she wasn't going to order food, she got very irritated," added Grimpas.

Brown allegedly spat on the manager, threw a ketchup bottle at his head and smashed a flat-screen television with a bottle.

“Her friend was trying to hold her back, but she went ballistic,” Grimpas stated.

Grimpas told CBS New York that Brown also threw pastries, a telephone and credit card machines onto the floor.

After Brown left the diner, the NYPD was called, and officers apprehended her nearby.

According to the NYPD, the damage totaled up to $1,200. Brown was arrested for assault and criminal mischief.

Sources: CBS New York and DNAinfo New York


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