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Woman Giving ‘Vampire Face-Lifts’ Arrested After Suspicious Death At Salon

A California massage therapist who gave customers cosmetic procedures she wasn’t licensed to perform was arrested after a suspicious death at a Long Beach salon.

Sandra Gonzelez, 45, rents a room at Areli’s Barber Shot & Beauty Salon, where she allegedly performs “butt augmentation,” “lip augmentation,” and “vampire face-lifts,” which includes a gel-like substance derived from the customer’s blood being injected into their skin.

Hamilet Suarez, 36, was getting some kind of injection in this room on Wednesday, when she went into cardiac arrest, authorities say.

The licensed massage therapist was jailed Thursday on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. Her bail was set at $10,000.

It is unclear what might have caused Suarez’s death. Police said they were told she went to the salon for a massage, but before it began she received augmentation injections.

“Until the report comes back from the coroner, we can’t determine if it was the procedure or if any drugs possibly administered caused her death,” police Sgt. Megan Zabel told the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Gonzalez was only licensed to give massages just two weeks ago. She is not licensed to administer the controlled substances found in the salon, but police believe she may have been conducting these procedures for the last month.

“But we don’t know if she was performing any of these procedures at any other locations,” Zabel said.

Sources: Long Beach Press-Telegram, ABC News


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